Organic Free Range Bronze Turkey 

We've been rearing turkeys on our family farm near Raglan in Monmouthshire for 25 years.  Our approach to farming marries high welfare standards with exceptional taste.

Highest animal welfare standards 

Our birds are grown slowly to full maturity and given access to fields and hedgerows during the day.  We process the birds on site to avoid the stress of transportation.  And we are proud to be certified by the Soil Association.

Best possible taste

To bring you the tastiest turkey we only rear bronze birds. They are bred for their gamey flavour, then dry plucked and hung for a minimum of seven days to enhance their flavour and succulence.

Sustainable farming

No pesticides, chemical fertilisers or routine antibiotics are used on our farm. 

Organic free range Bronze turkey displaying his tail feathers in the sunshine

To Order

We have frozen whole birds for easter, and frozen breasts, thighs and drumsticks available throughout the year.  To order please call or email us.

 Juliet or Caroline Holt-Wilson

Tel: 01291 691988