What is a dry-aged turkey?

Dry-aged means that we hang the birds in a temperature controlled room, essentially a massive fridge, at a specific temperature for a specific amount of time. We hang the birds for no less than ten days in order to improve texture and intensify flavour. The best beef is treated the same way and similarly produces meat of unrivalled quality and flavour.


Why do we dry-aged our turkeys?

The dense meat structure and gamey flavour of our birds is a reflection of their active lives, foraging widely on our farm. Dry-aging in temperature controlled conditions makes the most of our turkeys, improving their texture and intensifying their flavour, and produces an unrivalled Christmas roast.


Why do your turkeys cost what they do?

The cost of our turkeys reflect the costs of production. Our turkeys are grown to full maturity, which means they are at least twice and in some cases three times the age of industrially farmed birds.  Also in order to dry-age or hang our birds, we need to dry-pluck them.  This is much more labour intensive than commercial wet-plucking.  We cannot wet-pluck, because the process introduces and spreads bacteria, which would cause the birds to spoil when they are hung.  

The reason we rear and process the birds in such a laborious way is because the difference in flavour is worth it.  But it isn't all take and no give.  A fully mature turkey packs in 30% more meat than the same weight of an industrially farmed birds slaughtered at weight rather than maturity.  So you get more meat for the same weight of bird.  Moreover fully matured turkeys have the chance to build up collagen in their bone structure and lay down some fat.  This not only gives the birds more flavour, but makes them easier to cook (no basting required) and means stock made from leftovers will have proper jelly, bone broth goodness.


How do I cook a dry-aged bronze turkey?

I'm so glad you asked!  Because of the way our turkeys are reared and processed, they are packed with flavour so there is no need to wrap it in bacon or brine them. Our fully matured birds have also had the chance to lay down some fat, so constant basting is not required. They also don't need as long in the oven. Simply pop your seasoned turkey, breast side down, in a roasting tray, into pre-heated oven at 180C/GM4 or 160C fan, and cook for approximately 20 mins per kilo or 10 mins per lb. Make sure the cooked bird has ample time to rest, at least an hour before eating. As it 'rests', the turkey finishes cooking, releases juices and leaves the oven free to roast up some veg. We'll pop all this on a leaflet for you when you collect your turkey.


How do I collect my turkey?

Once you've placed your order, we'll have your turkey ready to collect from our farm on 22 & 23 December.  We're open from 8am to 5pm, so come any time on either day.  See here for directions. Or you can arrange to have your turkey brought to Usk or Stroud Farmers' Markets.  


Can you deliver my turkey?

Not this year. We have decided not to offer couriered birds this year, because we can't predict how disrupted Christmas will be.  Please check back next year or email us if you'd like us to be in touch about Christmas 2021.

While we can't offer delivery, we open a pop-up shop on our farm for all local customers to collect their turkey on the 22 & 23 December.  In our shop, you can pick up pre-ordered veg boxes and buy organic sausages, sausage meat and bacon on the day, as well as a range of foraged chutneys and jams from the farm. To find us, here are directions.  We also take a stall at Usk and Stroud Farmers' Market if that is a more convenient place to pick up your turkey, please see here for details.


What if I develop Covid-19 symptoms and cannot collect my turkey?

Thank you for not coming to see us when you have Covid-19 symptoms.  Whoever is supporting you while you isolate will need to collect your turkey.  Please supply them with your email confirmation if you've paid in advance through our online shop.  We'll see them on the farm on either the 22 or 23 December, between 8am and 5pm.


How do I cancel my turkey?

If you no longer need your turkey, please be in touch with us on monmouthshireturkeys@gmail.com or 01291 691988.  If you cancel three weeks before the collection date, we will refund you 50%.  If you cancel after this date, we will not offer a refund.  


What happens if you cannot fulfil my order?

We do our best to make sure we don't take orders for turkeys that we do not have.  With almost thirty years of turkey farming behind us, we haven't had problems filling orders yet, but the vagaries of farming always loom overhead.  If we find ourselves unable to fulfil your order we will offer a full refund or an alternative size, whichever suits you best.


What happens if I need to change the size of my turkey?

We will try our best to help.  Please be in touch as soon as you know you need to change your order, either over email monmouthshireturkeys@gmail.com or 01291 691988.  


The size of turkey I'd like is sold out.  What should I do?

Send us an email, monmouthshireturkeys@gmail, or give us a ring.  We might be able to offer a solution.


What if I need a turkey before the 22 December?

With a couple of weeks notice, we can supply turkeys earlier than the 22 December.  Please be in touch with us directly to discuss - monmouthshireturkeys@gmail.com


How big a turkey do I need?

A general rule of thumb is half a kilo per person for the day will be plenty and provide you with some leftovers.  But the truth is that you know your Christmas guest the best.  If they have hearty appetites, get something a little bigger.  If they're more interesting in the pigs in blankets, then perhaps go for a smaller size.


How small is the smallest turkey?

Turkeys are large table birds.  The smallest we rear is a 4kg turkey, which is double the size of a decent chicken. If you need something even smaller, then the smallest crown with offer is 3kg. Even smaller than that, we offer thighs, boned and stuffed to create mini-roasts of about 1.5kg.


Will it fit in my oven?

We are asked this question constantly, but never fear.  A conventional oven will accommodate the largest turkey we sell, 8-9kg.  AGAs, and other heat storage ovens, can fit turkeys up to 12kg in size.  Although we don't generally produce turkeys this large.  


Will it fit in my oven with all the Christmas veg?

Resting a turkey is an important part of the cooking process.  We'd recommend taking your turkey out of the oven at least an hour, even up to two hours, before you want to sit down at the table. The turkey will continue to 'cook' for a while after its taken out of the oven, so our cooking times take this into consideration and ensure the turkey will not be over-cooked by the time it reaches your plate.  As your turkey rests, it leaves plenty of time for your veg to go into the oven and at a higher temperature.


What is a turkey crown?

A turkey crown is the turkey breast on the bone, with the thighs and drumsticks removed.


Why does the turkey have a few black stubs?

You may notice a few black stubs on the skin.  Our turkeys are dark-plumed, rather than the commercially bred white turkey.  Both types of birds will leave a number of quills in the skin, particularly if they are dry-plucked, but the quills of white pigmented birds can't be seen. This does not affect the turkey’s flavour, only it’s appearance. We choose to rear only bronze, darker plumed birds because they have kept the unique gamey flavour that is true to a wild turkey.  Furthermore, because bronze turkeys have not been overly selected for enormous breasts and small legs, they remain agile enough to move around freely and forage, making them perfectly suited to a free range organic farm.  We like to see the stubs as proof that what you're getting is a flavoursome bronze turkey that is well suited to an active life.


Why has the cost of the veg boxes gone up?

The £1.50 price increase on the veg box unfortunately does not go into our pocket or to Paul's Organic Veg.  It is simply the cost of doing business online.  We stock his boxes at Christmas to try and make your life easier and to support a fellow, local organic farmer who grows great veg.  Not to make money.  So we don't mind if you'd prefer to visit Paul directly either on his website.

What is Trefoil Meadows?

In 2020, we have added an organic herd of Dexter cattle to our farm.  They're here to help us manage the land to conserve and maximise our biodiversity.  The by-product of our environmental conservation of the farm is the occasional beef box.  Since we now have beef as well as turkeys to sell, we thought we better change our name.  Trefoils are plants such as birdsfoot trefoil, common trefoil and clover.  They are an important part of an organic system because they provide nutrients to the animals that graze them as well as supporting a whole host of pollinators.  Our organic pasture is teeming with them, so we thought it was a fitting name for our expanded enterprise.


I still have questions ...

Please give a ring on 01291 691 988 or email us on monmouthshireturkeys@gmail.com.  We're always happy to talk turkey.