How Big?

What size turkey?

The sizes below are based on how many to feed on Christmas Day.   If you like plenty of leftovers , then opt for a bigger size.

  • Very Small (3-4kg) serves 6-8 
  • Small (4-5kg) serves 8-10 
  • Small Medium (5-6kg) serves 10-14 
  • Large Medium (6-7kg) serves 14-17 
  • Large (8-9kg) serves 17-20 

We only have a few very small or very large turkeys available, so please be in touch as early as possible.  Otherwise crowns are a good option if you only want 3-4kg. 

Its best to get the turkey cooked and let them rest even for a couple of hours.  So whether you have a big or little one, the turkey can be cooked and out the way, leaving plenty of space for everything else to go in the oven afterwards.

Because our birds are grown to full maturity, rather than slaughtered when they reach a certain weight, they pack more on their frame than a quickly grown barn-reared alternative.  So not only do you get a lot more flavour, you also get more meat per kg. 

But will it fit in my oven?

A conventional 60cm oven should easily fit a 9-10kg turkey.  An aga style oven, because it’s narrow and deep, can take up to a 12-13kg turkey.