Sunday 15 april

We have a slice of ancient woodland on our farm.  In the spring, before the leafy canopy shadows the woodland floor, a carpet of spring flowers stretches as far as the eye can see. 

To support Raglan Primary School PTA's Grow a Pound, we are opening up our farm on Sunday 15 April, 10am-3pm.  The kids have created a map (on sale for £1) to lead you to the ancient wood and its spring flowers, highlighting a few adventures to have on the way.

Its a half hour stroll with one gentle hill.  Wellies are a must, and dogs are welcome though will need to be kept away from livestock.  There is a clearing in the woodland for a halfway stop.  And plenty of room to park when you get here.

Please be aware though, that our alpacas guard livestock so are best admired from a distance than petted.

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