Organic free range bronze young turkeys foraging amongst the wildflowers

"Just ordered our Christmas turkey from the Holt-Wilsons once more.  It is so many years now, we have been getting our turkey from them.  It is a ritual, part of the Christmas festivities.  We know the welcome as we drive down the lane to the farm will be charming, the turkey wonderful, beautifully presented and if there is a slight smattering of snow even better!  Thank you for supplying us with such fantastic turkeys.  Highly recommended.  Merry Christmas!"

Franco Taruschio - retired Head Chef of the Walnut Tree

After barn rearing 5000 white turkeys in 1988, we thought we'd never do turkeys again.  But we soon found a way of raising the birds that suited the way we wanted to farm and take care of our land.

We now do fewer birds, better. 

Farming bronze turkeys organically marries high welfare standards with exceptional flavour.  We rear chicks from the day they are hatched.  They are grown slowly to their full maturity, and fed GM-free organic grain without routine antibiotics. During the day, the turkeys are allowed access to fields and hedgerows so they can do what turkeys forage and roam about.  They are brought in at night with the help of Blue, our sheep dog, to sleep in airy barns with plenty of places to roost.  We are certified by the Soil Association, which not only governs how we treat and feed the turkeys, but also confirms our sustainable approach to the whole farm.

We prepare the birds traditionally.  They are processed on the farm to reduce stress at slaughter.  And then laboriously dry-plucked which allows us to dry-age the birds in temperature controlled barns.  Because they are slow growing, fully mature and active, their dense meat structure benefits hugely from this process, intensifying flavour and improving its moist texture. 

The turkeys we produce take time, small flock sizes, and much higher labour inputs.  The effort is well worth it as our methods enhance their unique gamey flavour.  This is not a turkey you can find on supermarket shelves, as the rearing and processing is difficult to replicate on an industrial scale.

The result is a turkey that we are proud to raise and always look forward to putting on our table.

In 2020, we welcomed an organic herd of Dexter cattle to our farm.  Dexters are intrepid grazers, so they can stay outside year round and finish well on the meadows, hedgerows and woodland of our farm. They're here to help us manage the land to conserve and maximise our biodiversity.  

As the farm has been organic for over 20 years, our haymeadows and grazing pastures host a wide range of grasses, wildflowers, herbs and legumes, such as the trefoil family.  This not only supports our Dexters and turkeys, but also a wide variety of native insects, invertebrates, birds and animals above and below ground.  By maintaining a low stocking density and allowing the cattle to roam as freely as possible, they help us maintain the diversity of our meadows.  Our aim is to support all the life on our farm, and our hope is to provide a landscape for even greater wildlife diversity. 

The by-product of our conservation grazing is the occasional beef box.  To purchase a beef box please email or call us 01291 691988.