We believe in farming responsibly, so all of our birds are free range, organic bronze turkeys. 

The way we rear and process our turkeys is with Christmas in mind, but we can provide fresh turkeys for American Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is a little too early for full maturity).  And we keep a few frozen especially for Easter.

Our fresh whole turkeys typically weigh between 3.5kg to 8kg (8lbs to 18lbs) for the whole bird including giblets.  If you'd like a turkey outside of this range or a crown please let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate you.  

To order our turkeys call or email us.  

Or visit us at Usk and Stroud Farmers' markets in November and December.  

Easter 2019

Whole Frozen Turkey

5 - 10 kg, £50-£105

Frozen Turkey Crown

4.5kg, £65

Size Guide

Find out how to collect or receive your turkey here.

organic free range bronze turkeys roaming the hedgeline